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ABF Freight System, a subsidiary of ArcBest Corporation (formerly known as Arkansas Best), is a freight company beginning in 1923 as a local freight hauler. The company’s infrastructure includes a network for handling regional and national less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation of general commodities. ABF ended 2017 with revenue of $2.826 billion and approximately 13,000 active employees.


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Straight Truck Driver (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company like the plague. Will send you emails on what your weekly take home will be. It’s so far from the truth you will kick yourself for believing it. Good orientationEverything past orientation"

Independant Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Panther started off good and quickly turned to being bad. I was sitting at truck stops for at least 3 to 4 days a week about a month and a half into job. They were giving jobs to a different group of drivers not in the company, from what i was told by my partner. Plenty of time to get to know people, cuz alot of down time."

Level 1 coster (Former Employee) says

"This company is the worst place to work for. The management sucks and does not communicate. Nobody knows what they’re supposed to be doing or when. As a level 1 you’re only supposed to cost 8 an hour and they get mad if you don’t cost 25 an hour. Also as a level 1 you’re not supposed to cost over $750 and they make you cost any and everything to make sure they look good as a department. The director stirs up drama and tries to turn you against everyone else. They send out harassing messages and threats if you don’t work exactly how they want you to. They also want you to work ridiculous hours with no incentive pay. When you have a problem the managers can’t even give you an answer to your question they tell you to google it. They don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground and I wouldn’t waste your time working here.NoneThe whole job"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Granted there are a handful of wonderful and understanding people in dispatch and fleet experience; For the most part, drivers and not treated well by dispatch or fleet experience. The problem is there is no consistency or relationship built between drivers and those sitting behind a desk. There is no understanding or respect for what goes out on the road. No regard for needed rest to be safe. You will get taken advantage of very easily by dispatch. They are not clear on their policies with drivers. Policies favor dispatch and so does upper management. Poor communication between departments."

Executive Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company does not care about their employees. They do not allow you compensation based on your work efforts. Management is not there to support you."

Customs Specialist (Former Employee) says

"they are abusive, and making me relive my time there to complete your profile is asinine and i do not appreciate it, i have tried to stop typing this multiple times but you refuse."

Tr (Former Employee) says

"They don’t even keep you moving enough to be able to pay your bills you will Sometimes sit around for 2 to 3 days waiting on a load And they will encourage you To be a team driver When in general the load they will give you don’t pay enough to even team drive"

Fleet Owner (Current Employee) says

"Crooks be careful don't be owner operater because you'll get stuck with a vehicle payment, knowing after a few months you will be leaving, I learned the hard long way, I was with them for over 4 years, Panther had no problems from me because I took almost every load, and was on time %100 of the time, I had the problem with Panther taking money from me!!!!!!"

Owner operator-Semi (Former Employee) says

"Panther Logistics is not driver friendly. They do not taken into consideration driver X or availability. And they do not supply sufficient loads to get drivers back to area of this activity. They will make you wait over a day until you can at least get the relocation pay for fuel to get back to area business activity. Once again this is because they send drivers out to make a delivery, but do not provide a load back to another area business activity."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"I was lock of drive by co driver and company fail by keep me safe, refuse. Co drive had a women in truck. This happen in Tx, near a camp ground area. was not sure how old the women was."

OTR Driver (Current Employee) says

"Low miles for solos, i have been lied to multiple times about more miles. They are amateurs in the trucking business. It's all about the company and not about the contractors that work for them.No proLiars"

Driver Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Drove a transit van that had no insulation and ran on gas so i couldn't really run the heat without spending all of my earnings on gas, woke up eyes frozen shut called and quit that day"

team driver (Former Employee) says

"i worked for an agent under panther and had the worst time of my life. the truck my co driver and i were in was in bad shape and they still had us running it. we were stranded in Laredo tx for five days with no money for a hotel while the truck was in the shop. the company did not send our checks in on time and would hold our checks if we took more than 5 days for hometime, but they never got us home on time and sometimes for months.noneeverything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"No advancement. when you do apply no one ever gets back to you. consistently underpaid compared to industry standards. management is horrible. lots of unnecessary changes."

Clerical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion this is not the best place to work, lots of turnover, very difficult to get on full time, busy, too much work for one person hectic transportation job."

Cargo van driver/ Customer services (Former Employee) says

"i would never work there agin it was not the right job for me and they didnt pay right the citys we had to drive all over to was not worth it. so dont waist your time"

Inbound Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Responsible for dock operations on assigned shift. Supervises and coordinates the activities of dock associates assigned to the warehouse or yard. Oversees routing of shipments and loading and unloading of freight."

Class b driver (Former Employee) says

"I really was excited about working over the road... I would have stayed if they didnt lie about pay... And sat for days at a truck stop.. They charged me for fuel for going home after stay at truck stop for 4 days... If the truck is not moving you are not making any money..TravelSit too many days"

Expeditor (Former Employee) says

"It wasn't an unpleasant experience. Unprofessional environment, phone calls not returned. Sat at trucks stops more then I drove.No Freight / NO Miles/ No Money"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Poor Managemt and complete idiot dispatch. You will spend more time sitting in truck stop parking lots waiting in loads than driving. Never seen a check over 450 bucksNothing.Everything"

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